Upcoming Event


21st Cambodian Ophthalmological Society Annual Congress


DATE: 08-09 December 2023



[1] Congress Venue: Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel

[2] Gala Dinner: The Ming Palace 




Abstract Submission Opens

September 11, 2023

Early Bird Registration Opens

September 11, 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline

Nov 15, 2023

Early Brid Registration Deadline

Dec 07, 2023

On-site Registration

Dec 08, 2023

Opening Ceremony

Dec 08, 2023

Gala Dinner

Dec 08, 2023

Election for New COS Committee

Dec 09, 2023




Guidelines for ORAL PRESENTATIONS - Submitted Program

Introduction: The Congress Committee thank you for agreeing to present at the upcoming 21st COS Annual Congress at Naga World Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This document has been prepared to assist you with planning an effective presentation for congress.

Registration: All submitted free paper presenters must register and pay the applicable registration fee to remain in the program. There is no concessionary registration fee for presenters. Presenters who fail to pay registration fees risk being removed from the program at the discretion of the Program Committee.

Preparing Your Presentation: Conflict of Interest: All speakers must state and declare any Conflict of Interest (including Financial Disclosure) with regard to each of their presentations. If there is no Conflict of Interest, speakers simply state ‘Conflict of Interest: NONE’ on the SECOND SLIDE. If there is a conflict, please state ‘Conflict of Interest: Yes’ and followed by the details.

Video: Any video clips in your presentation files should be in MP4 encoded to H.264 or WMV format that can be played in PowerPoint. Do NOT use .mov (QuickTime) or .3pg files, which are NOT supported by PowerPoint for Windows. Please test the video and make sure it plays properly before your live presentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please INSERT your video into the PowerPoint. Do NOT use ‘link to file’ as the link will become invalid when your PowerPoint is played on a different computer.

Font: When choosing fonts for your presentation, please make sure they are supported by Microsoft Office 2010. If a non-standard font is used, it should be embedded in your PowerPoint presentation. The following link shows how to embed fonts for a consistent text appearance across systems in PowerPoint: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291924. Text, tables, and graphics should be of sufficient size to be clearly visible at a distance. Large amounts of information should be split across slides.

Images: Presenters may use images in their presentations, where appropriate. It is the presenters’ responsibility to ensure they have the copyright permission to use the images in their presentations. They are recommended to compress the images to 96 dpi in the presentation file; this will significantly reduce the overall size of the presentation file without compromising the image quality. Such an image compression feature is available on the Picture Toolbar in PowerPoint. Make use of graphs and diagrams to get your message across and keep these graphics simple.

Design: Make sure that your text contrasts sufficiently with the background colors to be legible. For example, use white or yellow text on a dark background or vice versa. Judicious use of colors and illustrations can enhance your message or clarify an idea, but do not go overboard with too many colors or fancy fonts. Also, avoid too many special effects as they should impact the presentation but not detract from it.

Content: The Congress attendees – will have a variety of experiences, interests, and levels of knowledge, please make sure you give enough background of your abstract and explain clearly the topic presented.

Language: All presentations are to be made in English. If English is not your first language, please write down your points in advance and practice well. Speak slowly, use short sentences, and avoid phrases that are difficult to pronounce.


Presentation Schedule: Please check your presentation schedule online at www.cambodiacos.com/page.php?p=62. You can also log in to your registration account to check your involvement summary and look for any updates before you prepare your PowerPoint.

Presentation Duration: Each session will last for 90 minutes. The duration of each presentation will depend on the number of speakers in a particular session. Please review the schedule online for the session format.


Speaker Ready Room

• Room [To Be Confirmed]

Powerpoint files of the presentations must be uploaded at least 1 hour prior to the start of your session. The computers in the Speaker Ready Room will have the same configuration as those in the session rooms. It is imperative that you review your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room where our technicians will help resolve any compatibility and/or formatting issues.

The PowerPoint and video files you have uploaded onto the computer in the Speaker Ready Room will be automatically transmitted to the laptop computer at the podium before your session begins.

The Speaker Ready Room will be open during the following times:

Audio Visual

• The rooms will have screens of 4:3 ratios

• Microphone

• Data projection equipment including computer (PC) equipped with Microsoft Office PowerPoint, remote mouse (with a laser pointer), computer audio, and a projection screen

Giving Your Presentation

Please arrive at the session room at least 5 minutes before the session starts. All the sessions will start and end on time, and this will be strictly enforced by the Session Chairs.

You can control your PowerPoint on the laptop computer at the podium with a remote presenter. Speak directly into the microphone. Once you start to present, a timer will be running on the top right-hand corner of the computer screen. We request that speakers keep to time and do NOT overrun.

Important Note to Mac Users

• Please note that PowerPoint on Windows cannot play .mov videos. Any video clips within your presentation are to be in either AVI or WMV format playable in PowerPoint.

• If your presentation was created on a Mac and converted to run on a PC, you must convert .mov videos to .wmv Windows Media Videos with Quicktime 7 Pro or convert them to .mpg format. Please test the video(s) before you come to the Congress.

• If you have difficulty converting your .mov videos or if you have a considerable number of .mov videos to convert, please make sure you go to the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours before your scheduled presentation(s) and ask a technician in the Speaker Ready Room to help you convert the files.

• You will only be allowed to present with your own MacBook at the discretion of the Organizing Committee. In case you have to present with your own MacBook, please bring your own VGA projector adaptor. Otherwise, your MacBook cannot be connected to the projector and we will not be able to show your presentation.


Guidelines for POSTER - Submitted Program

IntroductionThe Congress Committee thank you for agreeing to present at the upcoming 21st COS Congress at NAGA World Cambodia, Kingdom of Cambodia. This document has been prepared to assist you with planning an effective presentation for congress.

Registration: All poster presenters must register and pay the applicable registration fee to remain in the program. There is no concessionary registration fee for presenters. Presenters who fail to pay registration fees risk being removed from the program at the discretion of the Program Committee. For more details, please go to the Registration page on the Congress website at www.cambodiacos.com

Financial interest: Financial interest, if any, must be disclosed and included in the poster. Presentations made at the Congress must not be used to promote a commercial product.

Poster Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Hall

Poster Mounting/Dismounting:  Mounting: Dec 8, 2023 (Friday): 08:30 – 09:00 & Dismounting: Dec 9, 2020 (Sat): 11:00 – 12:00. A complete list of accepted posters is available at www.cambodiacos.com

Poster Sessions: Make sure you are in the vicinity of your poster during the morning and afternoon tea breaks on the days your poster is displayed.

  • Morning tea break:  10:30 – 11:00
  • Afternoon tea break: 16:00 – 16:30

Poster Size

The poster should be designed to be mounted on a poster board. It should be in portrait orientation.

Poster Dimensions: 160 cm (height) x 100 cm (width)

  • A Poster number will be printed on the top left-hand corner of the board by the Congress Secretariat. Please make sure you mount your poster on the board with the number assigned to you.
  • Please use the pushpins provided by the Congress Secretariat for mounting your poster onto the poster board.
  • The contents should be clearly structured under the headings of Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Heading fonts should be larger in size than body text. Make sure the poster is not crowded with text.
  • Posters can be designed using computer programs such as PowerPoint, Corel Draw, or Adobe InDesign. White text on a dark background may be used, but only sparingly. In general, white, muted, or pastel backgrounds with black text are the best options. Use an appropriate balance of text and images to convey your message in an easy-to-read way.
  • The text should be concise in order to ensure good visibility at approximately 3 feet. Include all the most important ideas, but not necessarily all finer details. The font size of the body text must not be smaller than 20 points. The text should be single-spaced. Do not use ALL UPPER-CASE TEXT because it is difficult to read.
  • Tables should be simple and easy to follow.
  • The legend of a figure should appear below the figure. Illustrations are more appealing if they are in color.
  • Please include eight pertinent references at most.
  • Please ensure that you have permission to use any images you include in the poster. This includes a license for copyrighted materials and consent forms from patients who are recognizable in photographs or images.


21st COS Annual Congress

December 8, 2023