Annual Conference 2015

Report on 14th Annual Conference (CME) of Cambodian Ophthalmological Society


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14th Annual Conferance CME


Following the successful previous COS meetings, we were proud to organise the 14th annual conference of COS. The glory morning began with the welcoming and opening speech of honour guests: Asst. Prof Pok Thorn, COS president, Mr. Sith Sam Ath, Country Manager FHF in Cambodia, Prof. Ngy Meng, Director of KSFH, chairman of NPEH and H.E. Prof. Eng Hout, Secretary of Sate MoH. The Speech was mainly about the satisfactory of our effort in eye professional and our achievements in term of mission plan and maintaining professionalism in Ophthalmology.


Date and Venues

4-5 December 2015 at Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh



CME (Continuous Medical Education) is arranged to assure professionalism of eye care in Cambodia in order to share experiences, updates in practice and problems solving in certain dilemma.


Agenda (See attached file, Annex 1)

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Conference Report

Distinguished Speakers

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Session Discussion

I. Cataract and Corneal Section


The session of Corneal and Cataract began and captured a lot of attentions of the participants. Many interesting topic presentations and video illustrations brought the discussion even more deliberate and satisfied. For instance, Dr. Fam Han Bor, Senior Consultant & head of cataract & Implant service, Singapore presented  topics “Biometry” and “Premium IOL” that make the cataract and corneal session even more captivated . Many questions were proposed and a debatable platform appeared. Following Discussion, Dr. Fam Han Bor insisted all ophthalmological surgeon to take into account on preoperative assessment, such as, IOLs calculation formulas, Estimated Lens Position (ELP) and IOLs materials selection. In addition, another distinguished speaker Dr. Neera Kanjani, Medical Director and Senior consultant Phaco and Refractive surgeries at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India, also presented another interesting topic “LASIK-Dreaming of 20/20”. The topic featured the development in technology such as using Wavelight EX 500 to maximise accuracy in correcting refractive error. She also made a fascinating effort to demonstrate on Premium IOL in practice. She concluded her speech by 3 important points: patient selection, IOL power calculation and Corneal Topography. Moreover, the corneal section was also brought up with our freshly graduated ophthalmologist, Dr. Tor Remy presented with a case report of management Choices for pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy in developing country.

II. Orbit and Oculoplasty Section


This section was significantly conducted by International speakers, Dr. Jaewoo Jang from South Korea, Dr. Richard Hart from New Zealand and local speaker Dr. Pang Samon. The  “Blepharoplasty” presented Dr. Jaewoo Jang was one of the most enthralling topic among all of the topic in 14th annual conference. His technique which was quite simple but prestigious made the whole audience gasped with admiration and fasciation and the urge to put into practice.

Meanwhile, Dr. Richard Hart also presented 2 captivated topic “Update on Thyroid Related Orbitopathy (TRO)” and “Orbital Fracture”. The first topic gave preview on latest treatment on active phase of TRO that should apply in clinical practice as it had summarised into 3 categories (mild, moderate and severe). The second topic “Orbital fracture” was also fascinated by many audience particularly on the point of surgical technique. Dr. Mar Amarin, Senior consultant of Preah Ang Doug hospital, asked one question related on how to use X-ray film as implant for orbital fracture and he had satisfied feedback from Dr. Hart. In addition, Dr. Pang Samon, who just arrived from The Netherland for his fellowship in Orbit and Oculoplasty, presented a topic “Grave Disease”. He highlighted a lot of key points that all ophthalmologists should not skip when facing with Grave Disease. This session also featured our junior ophthalmologists, Dr. Ouk Sok Hean with his topic of Endonasal DCR and Resident, Dr. Tor Krytha with a case report of Orbital tumour.

III. Retina /Neuro-Ophthalmology Section


Featuring three international speakers, the Retina section was also an interesting plat form of knowledge toward the participants. At the beginning, Dr. Nilesh Kajani demonstrated on how to do vitrectomy with Micro-incision Vitrectomy Surgery (MIVS) in his surgery video. The benefit from this method was suture-less incision that minimised the complication of retina surgery and promote fast healing. In addition, Dr. Jennifer Arnold, from Sydney Eye Hospital, also came up with a simple yet useful everyday practical topic of “Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis and Management”. Her topic brought up key points in fundus examination and medical management in various clinical scenarios. The last distinguished speaker from Eye Clinic Albury-Wodonga Australia, Dr. Alan Luckie spotlighted on two topics “Retinal Vein Occlusion” and “OCT”. These two topics gave rigorous insights about Retinal Vein Occlusion and how to deal with it in various form that needed different management as well as crucial indication for OCT alongside what to expect and what to over come from the machine. Following the exclusive presentations of international speakers, three residents presented 3 different topics concerning Neuro-Ophthalmology, each with its own case report, “Nutritional Optic Neuropathy”, “Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy” and “ Compressive Optic Neuropathy”. Among the three topics, “Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy” illustrated by Dr. To Vichhey had raised many awareness of the disease in Cambodian family as his study was under supervision of Dr. Clare Fraser and  Dr. Ioanne Anderson, Neuro-Ophthalmologist from Australia.

IV. Live Surgery


This was the first time ever in history of Cambodia Ophthalmological Society Meeting that broadcast a live surgery during the meeting. The Refractive Surgery- LASIK was greatly cooperated under Dr. Kong Piseth, Chief Department of Ophthalmology & Deputy Direction of Preah Ang Doung Hospital and Director of Private Practice Dr. Argawal jointly Dr. Kong Piseth. Many Participants came to witness the live surgery. The surgeons kindly showed about the process on preoperative assessment on Corneal Topography and LASIK machine. The operations came with success and consumed little amount of time without any complication. The audiences were satisfied with the surgery though there are a few flaw during the live surgery concerning the connection and set up of the camera as well as video quality. However, it was our first attempt, hopefully the following live surgery would be better organised.

Summary of Meeting

In conclusion, the 14th annual meeting has provided a lot of opportunities for eye care professionals from all over the Cambodia to participate and to have a flat form of knowledge sharing as well as practical experience. The venues and presentations were right on points and were satisfied by most of participants. The Q & A session at the end of each presentation was opened between the audiences and the speakers, that granted the doubts of listeners to be enlightened and clarified. We could assume that this meeting was another success reaching to our objective of the CME with exceptional cooperation from the participants who offer up their valuable time to take part in this meeting. However, a few downsides also came along during the meeting, such as time management and crowded topics that some were cut out due to time limit. All being well, the successive CME would be better organised and take all the little flaws to well-reestablished.

Dr Kong SunlyCase Study 1:

Dr. Kong Sunly, a general ophthalmologist from Siem Reap Regional Eye Hospital and a regular participant of CME had particular interest in a topic of Dr. Fam Han Bor “IOL Biometry and Premium IOL selection”. He had impression that the topic was relatable to clinical practice, more comprehensive, points in biometry (pre operative assessment) overlooked and a debatable and thorough Q & A session. He also claimed that as time limited, the topic of Dr. Fam Han Bor was accurate and precise on point along with useful tips.


speakerCase Study 2:

Dr. Ouk SoLeaphy, a general Ophthalmologist/fellow paediatric ophthalmologist from Kampong Chhnang Eye Unit. She was interested in 3 particular topic: Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, Biometry and Premium IOL and Update on Thyroid related Orbitopathy. She thought the genetic study of Leber’s disease was so fascinating due to it is a new study that had never been done before, also; she said she might have met the matching patient symptom but didn’t have investigation to prove. Similarly to Dr. Kong Sunly, Dr. Ouk Soleaphy shared the same opinion on IOL biometry topic that it helped to clarify what had been missing during patient preoperative assessment. Also, New update on treatment in Thyroid related Orbitopathy provide essential management for patients with proven outcome and result.

Action to be Taken:

  • Hosting ASEAN Ophthalmology Society (AOS) in 2019
  • Reduction from 2 times to 1 time annual COS congress
  • Good progression in CPD Registration and Uploading
  • Finalised CME membership fee


This 14th annual meeting was also another year to select new Cambodian Ophthalmological Society president. As being done before, all ophthalmologist participants were asked to cast their votes to select the new committee for 2016 COS. The election was fair and transparent. We came up with the result that the new COS present for 2016 was Dr. Pok Thorn. Everybody was satisfied and agreed on the result.


We would like to thanks especially the president Asst. Prof Pok Thorn, Prof. Mar Amazon, Dr. Ly Marina and all of the COS committee members that had sacrifice the valuable time to organise the annual meeting for every ophthalmologist to participate and share experience. Also, we would like to like all the sponsors during the meeting.

Annex 1: CME Agenda

21st COS Annual Congress

December 8, 2023